2020: Moving and being moved

Our Co-Founder and Creative Director Andy Sargent reflects on 2020.

More than halfway through the strangest year in living memory, and with Covid-19 continuing to impact every almost aspect of daily life, right around the world, it’s interesting to reflect on some of the storytelling we’ve been involved in. One of the most inspiring aspects of this storytelling is the renewed sense of positivity and hope born out of the darkness.

This is particularly true in our work on TEMPO Journal. From The story of We Run Uptown, building a community based on care and respect in uptown New York, to the experience of running during lockdown in Russia. From a local group of amateur female athletes we put through an extensive training journey for The Line in partnership with Nike Australia, to local Olympians finding meaning and inspiring hope in local, low key races. What shines through in all of this is the basic human compulsions of progress and connection, and our desire to move and be moved.

Like everyone, if you’d have said last year that in 2020 we’d all be where we’re at, with so many restrictions and challenges, no one would’ve believed you. What we’re all learning is how to adapt, stay positive and continue to support, inspire and uplift.

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