Google DeepDream

SouthSouthWest is proud to have partnered with Google in the branding of Google’s first DeepDream Art Show.  DeepDream: The Art of Neural Networks, opened at Gray Area San Francisco on February 26, 2016.

Having worked with Google for the past three years on several  UX, UI and internal branding projects, SouthSouthWest happily collaborated with a small and driven Google team excited to showcase ideas at the intersection of art and machine intelligence.

The project covered the development of the DeepDream brand and event assets as well as the creation of a challenging set of symbols and icons designed to communicate the complex and often abstract processes involved in the creation of DeepDream artworks. To quote Fast Company, this event was “a semantic wayfinding system designed to help visitors navigate the esoteric world of artificial intelligence.”

SouthSouthWest are proud to have been involved in bringing life and colour to this significant project. The charity auction raised close to $100,000 from sale of artworks, with proceeds benefitting Gray Area and its mission to support young artists working with technology.

Working with the team at Google is a huge source of inspiration for our entire team, and exposure to the thinking and processes of a brand on the frontier of digital innovation is eye-opening, educating and extremely enjoyable.