From deep in the wild,
comes a green and gold flash.
Introducing the Tasmania JackJumpers.
A new force in global sport.

An iconic brand for a new era for basketball in Tasmania as the Tasmania JackJumpers prepare to enter the National Basketball League from Season 21/22.
Jack Jumpers are wild, fearless, and relentless in battle. As a choice of name it’s wildly individual, a little off-beat, and speaks of the quiet confidence of Tasmanians and their underdog psyche. Like Tasmania it’s a little obscure, but once you know it you’ll never forget it.

We think the JackJumpers, and the story of Tasmanian sport is worth telling. Look closely and you’ll see that the JackJumpers story and spirit is contained within the logo and mascot.

The outer edges of the icon points outwards to cover every corner of the iconic map of Tasmania, representing the statewide presence of our club. A dynamic grid informs aggressive geometry, creating dynamic upward forces emanating from the South (Tasmania), as well as strong downward facing forms representing our pride of place as the most southern state of Australia.

The iconic mandibles represent the force and electric energy of the club. Our green and gold state colours connect with the wilderness and the rich sporting pedigree of Tasmania.

A custom typeface has been created for player uniforms and game day apparel, featuring geometry inspired by ant anatomy.