Propelling a local cycling brand to the front of the global bunch.

Melbourne Aesthetic Apparel Powerhouse

Founded in Melbourne in 2014, MAAP has become a global leader in cycling apparel with distinctive design, uncompromising quality and an unparalleled handle on what’s coming next in cycling culture. We partnered with MAAP to define, articulate and express itself, through brand, campaign, retail, tone of voice, messaging and publishing.

The name MAAP has always been shrouded in mystery. Which means it can mean anything. The infinite mnemonic generator we developed has helped to capture a brand that is constantly moving.

What started as a strategic engagement quickly became consumer-facing, with campaigns, art direction and copy becoming part of our remit. Even the brand manifesto we helped develop was published, (as well as being printed and hung in the MAAP offices.)

An extensive Tone Of Voice project culminated in the creation of Off The Front – a biannual print publication that propels the culture of cycling forward – from future collaborations to city guides, banging playlists and product innovation stories. Volume 1 dropping internationally from September 2021.